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Welcome To E&L Builders

Quality, Custom, Modular Built Homes

Today’s modular homes are built to more varied specifications and architectural designs than ever before. They can include multilevel, split level, post modernistic and many other styles. If you can envision it, E&L can modularize it’s construction.

What our customers are saying:

Our house exceed our expectations, 3 years later the quality craftsmanship E&L provided during the remodeling and construction continues to impress both Lori and myself.


Why Modular?

  • Modular homes are built better and stronger:
  • High Grade Products Throughout
  • Materials Never Get Wet
  • Better Insulated
  • Less Material Waste
  • Less Cost to Build
  • Less Time to Finish
  • Less Cost to Customize

Affordable | Design Flexibility | Your Lot/Land | Quick Turnaround
Better Quality | Built Stronger| Energy Efficient | 1 Year Warranty

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